Additional Services

Here at Windshield Glass, we offer a lot more than just windshields. Call us for:

Door Glasses Off Track  / Window Regulator and Motor Repairs

If your vehicle door glass does not roll up properly, or makes strange noises, we can help. We generally need to remove the interior door panel to make a proper analysis of the issue. It could be a fastener or clip that has come un-glued, or possibly a faulty regulator (the gear mechanism that helps the glass go up and down). We replace regulators and door motors at reasonable rates.

Water & Air Leaks

We gladly work on those annoying water and air leaks. We can check out your seals and the bond between the glass and the body.  Although this work can be done mobile, for best results, make an appointment at our Greensboro location.

Side & Rear View Mirrors

If your rear view mirror has become detached from your windshield, we can fix it, and we guarantee it for as long as you own your vehicle. We can also replace your side view mirrors. You don’t know how much you need your mirrors until they’re gone. We have convex mirrors for the passenger side of your vehicle that make objects closer than they appear.

Door Locks, Handles, & Window Switch Repairs

Do you have to roll your window down to open the door from the outside? Does the master window switch work but the passenger side doesn’t? Our technicians are skilled at all kinds of automotive door repairs.

Sunroof and Roof Glasses

We can replace most sunroof glasses. Let our experienced technicians diagnose and repair the problem for you. Stop by our Greensboro shop for a free estimate.

Conversion Van and Camper Windows

We repair broken side and back glasses in Conversion Vans and Camper Tops. If it’s a stationary glass or movable, we can help. We fabricate tinted tempered glasses with radius corners and also offer polycarbonate and plexiglass solutions.

Antique and Vintage Car Glass Fabrication

We have the most complete vintage car glass library of patterns and templates in North Carolina. If your antique car has flat glass ….. we can fabricate it. Gift certificates are available for your favorite car enthusiast.

Tempered, Safety, and Laminated Glass Fabrication

We can fabricate tempered glass to almost any shape, even if it has holes for hardware. We stock cases of ¼” thick laminated safety glass in clear, green, grey, and bronze.

Window Molding Repairs

Have you noticed the molding around your windshield or back glass is loose? Let us fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.