Specialty Glass

Decorative & Pattern Glass

We have obscure glass that offers privacy and pattern glass for kitchen cabinets, bathroom windows, restoration and home improvement projects. We offer white, black, tinted, and an assortment of colored glass options.

Plexiglass, Acrylic, & Polycarbonate

A rainbow of colors, from 1/16” thick to bullet proof, we are your plastics superstore.  We also have virtually unbreakable polycarbonates for your race car, garage window, or heavy equipment. Contact us, or stop by to see some samples.

Shapes, Colors & Edges

We can fabricate Ovals, Circles, Hexagons and more. We stock several colors of glass, offer a variety of edges, and drill holes in glass.

Tempered Glass

We fabricate and supply custom tempered glass. Tempered glass is regular glass that has been heat treated to increase strength and thermal shock resistance. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than non-tempered glass of the same thickness. If tempered glass breaks, it will instantly shatter into small, relatively harmless pebbles, instead of sharp, jagged shards. After a glass has been tempered, any attempt to alter its shape can result in shattering. Tempered glass is used in applications where heat, mechanical strength and safety are a factor. Tempered glass can withstand constant temperatures of about 470°F.

Glass Edges